Blackwater Where great folk meet

Barn block near Blackwater Picture of Blackwater by Crystal CasteelIn 1887 the town of Blackwater was founded on the banks of the Blackwater River and along the Missouri Pacific Railroad line which connected Jefferson City and Kansas City. Today the town has been restored to look much as it might have looked in 1920 when it reached its highest population - 600 people. The Blackwater Commercial Historic District is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Image by Crystal CasteelQuaint shops line the brick sidewalks, just a minute's walk from the Iron Horse Hotel and Restaurant. Visitors can play a hand of faro at the non-alcoholic Bucksnort Saloon. There is also an old jail, circa 1890; a theater housed in a 108-year-old church, a reconditioned one-room school and a telephone museum.

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