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14. Card Basket

Bob & Ann Betteridge
7400 A HWY
Pilot Grove

Ann says she has liked quilts all her life, and her grandmother was the inspiration behind her pattern choice. "I liked the colors, and I wanted a basket pattern because my grandmother had a quilt and part of it was named basket."

This barn was constructed in 1905 for a herd of Shorthorn cattle. Built of wide oak boards, the barn was covered with red tin siding in 2009. Will Betteridge who built the barn came to the U.S. with his family from England in 1850 when he was 5. His grandfather, George Betteridge, raised Shorthorn cattle. Will moved to Missouri and in 1888 started a herd of registered Shorthorns. His grandson Bob Betteridge is continuing the tradition.

Card Basket barn block