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Each fall the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Boonslick Area Tourism Council have sponsored a Folk Festival at the Boone's Lick State Historic Site on Highway 187 near Boonesboro in Howard County. Beginning with the 2020 Folk Festival, the Missouri State Parks will be the sole sponsor. Former Boonslick tourism board member Connie Shay will continue to spearhead the event.

The all-day event which is free and open to the public gives visitors a chance to step back into the time when the Boonslick area was an important salt mining region. Exhibitors show visitors how early settlers performed day-to-day tasks like washing and ironing. Crafters demonstrate 19th century crafts and musicians play music of the time period on instruments which were popular at that time. Children have the opportuniy to play with some of the toys which were popular at the time.

Previous Folk Festivals

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