Slater Boyhood Home of Steve McQueen

Barn block in Saline CountyAlthough Slater is now known for its festivals, it was once known for its nine-bay railroad roundhouse, property of the Chicago & Alton Railroad. The town was named for Colonel John Slater, an official with that railroad which ran from Chicago to Alton and then from Alton to Kansas City. Slater is the midway point between Alton and Kansas City. There is still a railroad that runs through Slater but it is the Kansas City Southern.

The festivals begin each year with Steve McQueen Day on April 26 and end with Winterfest in December. In between Slater celebrates the Bear Creek Blues Festival in June and the Slater Fall festival in September.

Steve McQueen is not the only celebrity hailing from Slater. Others with Slater connections include Olympic gold medalist and NBA star, Joe Kleine, and Walter Chrysler, founder of the automobile company.

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